Friday, March 02, 2007

Winner: With a difference

My colleague had won the Photography contest conducted in our organization. When I met him in the pantry, I congratulated him and asked casually what the prize was. He told the prize and added that something better could have been given. Then I asked him (almost jokingly) what he would do with that prize. He told that he would go back to that person, whom he had taken the photo (that won him the prize) and give the gift to him (usually we, especially me, never give a gift of that kind to anybody, as it’s “me” who earned it and for that memorable moment). I was standing there (almost still) as he left to his cubicle, thinking there silently, not knowing what to think about…. Was I appreciating him? Or was I wondering at the existence of such people? Or was I jealous that I couldn’t get such an idea or occasion? I don’t know……….


Pratibha said...

Sweet of him to have thought so, but its perfectly ok to be confused some times.. i would be the last person to believe you would not part with your gifts. There were times you gave me that look of understanding, that soft smile of yours, not asking a single question.. when i felt "the whole world" did not trust me...u did and so beatifully..but i can never give you any award for it, sorry :)

Arun Pillai said...

Don't think too much!!!
And kinda long time. How you been ?

-Arun Pillai

Balu said...

Nice to know such people do exist.
I was just imagining the look on that person's face when he receives the surprise gift from your friend. Priceless,it would be:)

vinutha said...

Ya.. He might also stand still like me.. wondering whats this!! :)